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Sleep and nervous system support
Sleep and nervous system support
Sleep and nervous system support
Sleep and nervous system support

Sleep and nervous system support

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This tincture is full of powerful, gentle botanicals to help promote restful sleep, calm your nervous system and manage vasomotor symptoms of hormonal changes.

How it helps:

Hibiscus sedative properties and can help you to fall asleep quicker and helps to promote peaceful sleep. It also helps to decrease inflammation which is a common contribution towards night sweats.

Passion flower has an abundance of flavinoids to help reduce anxiety and insomnia. It also helps with muscles spasms and increases seratonin to help with mood.

Chamomile increases brain neurotransmitters to help you fall asleep and also improve the quality of sleep. It also helps with mental fog and combats depression and anxiety.

Lavender increases slow-wave sleep to help slow heart rate and relax muscles. It also works to decrease depression, anxiety and hot flashes.

Catnip has a sedative affect and helps with nervous exhaustion and insomnia, and is another anti-inflammatory.

Lemon balm is full of terpines which boost dopamine and help you relax. It is one of the best herbs for anxiety. It helps promote sleep and improve sleep quality.

Suggested use: take 1/2-1 dropper full under tongue 1 hour before bed for sleep or during times of increased anxiety.

Ingredients: flowers from hibiscus, passion fruit, chamomile and lavender. Catnip leaves, lemon balm leaves, alcohol.

1:2 extraction in 40% alcohol

2 ounce dropper bottle.


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Herbal tinctures extracted in alcohol are the most potent and rapidly absorbed of any preparation. Alcohol is an excellent preservative, maintaining the health benefits of the herb for many years.

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