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Mango seed cream - no scent

Mango seed cream - no scent

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We created a very simple moisturizer for customers sensitive to nuts and scents. Use Akea's mango seed cream to nourish and moisturize your face, body and hands. Made with pure unrefined mango seed butter which melts into your skin on contact and quickly absorbs. Full of antioxidants and moisture, leaving a velvety layer of softness to your skin. 

Akea's mango seed cream is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores). It absorbs quickly, making it an excellent option for the face, dry hands and body. We have not added any essential oils, so this product has its own barely detectable light fresh scent. We added a bit of sunflower oil to soften the hard mango seed butter.

Our mango seed cream is vegan, nut-free and scent-free.

Ingredients: organic unrefined mango seed butter, organic sunflower oil.

Akea: Pele's brother

Store under 85 degrees to prevent melting. Product may melt during shipping if left in hot mailbox, but will regain consistency when cooled.

These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product does not  claim to cure any illness, disease or injury.