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Dandelion - full spectrum aid
Dandelion - full spectrum aid
Dandelion - full spectrum aid

Dandelion - full spectrum aid

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Dandelion has become known as a medicinal powerhouse! Remember when we thought they were just pesky weeds? Dandelion is a tremendous natural health aid. Helpful to support the liver, diabetes, arthritis, bone health, hypertension, helps to lower cholesterol, and more!

Please see our links below for benefits of taking this amazing herb.

Ingredients: Organic dandelion root and leaves (taraxacum officinale), organic alcohol.

1:1 extraction in 40% alcohol

Suggested use: Add 1/2 dropper full to water or juice several times each day, as needed. 

Storage: Store in a cool dark place. Shelf life is at least 5 years.

2 ounce dropper bottle


Diverse biological activities of dandelion

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Dandelion leaf blocks spike proteins

Herbal tinctures extracted in alcohol are the most potent and rapidly absorbed of any preparation. Alcohol is an excellent preservative, maintaining the health benefits of the herb for many years.

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