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We believe in the healing power of nature. Olani Naturals was founded by Jodi in her kitchen while blending her life-long knowledge of botanicals with her passion for natural self care. We specialize in herbal skin remedies and tinctures formulated with the healing power of plants.
Olani Naturals' products are a blend of science and nature, created from scientifically-proven bioactive plant ingredients that feed the skin and balance the body. Our ingredients are organic and/or wildcrafted, some of which is grown in our garden. We source other ingredients from the South Pacific and Mediterranean regions, as well as wild manuka honey from New Zealand. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its scientific understanding and natural ability to bring balance to the skin biome and body.
Our small-batch products are personally made by Jodi in her Santa Cruz workshop. Sign up for our newsletter to receive promotions!
"Nature itself is the best physician"
- Hippocrates