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photograph by Nel Meerman Photography

Olani Naturals - happiness for your skin 

Jodi discovered the wonderful healing properties of tropical plant oils when researching natural remedies for her own mysterious rash. She was inspired to create more after sharing her first products with friends who also enjoyed them. After much research, experimenting and consults with natural practitioners, Olani Naturals came to be. Olani Naturals is handcrafted in Jodi's home kitchen in Santa Cruz.
Our products include bioactive plant ingredients that feed skin cells to help balance, protect and restore the skin barrier. Free from chemicals, artificial fragrances & preservatives, Olani's formulations consist of a broad spectrum of beneficial properties which are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, regenerative, calming, restorative, and protective. Just pure ingredients from nature to keep you and your environment healthy. We know that whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Think of Olani's products as food for your skin; good for your health and environment too!
Our ingredients are clean, organic & wildcrafted when possible. We source raw tropical nut oils from the South Pacific, wild manuka honey from New Zealand and organic black seed oil from Arabia. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its scientific understanding and natural ability to bring balance to the skin biome. Our products help to restore damaged skin, protect from the sun, sooth skin ailments, and relieve inflamed joints.
Olani Naturals brings happiness for your skin!