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Olani Naturals

passion fruit oil

high in vitamin C to repair sun damage

mango seed butter

restorative & protective against UV radiation

manuka honey

potent anti-bacterial wound healing properites

black cumin seed oil

powerful anti-inflammatory & antifungal


I have been applying Olani Naturals body butter on my scar tissue for 3 months and have noticed a significant change in my skin texture. The healing properties of the oils soothe my scar tissue and I love applying it to my skin. I highly recommend this product.


I can't tell you how thankful I am for Olani's Eczema Cream. I had a painful inflamed rash on my face. The cream immediately took the pain away and decreased the redness. I can now do so much more. I 'm telling you I love it so much, and the smell is heavenly!


I love these pure, natural, high quality products!  I've been using the joint rub, skin restore cream and manuka salve. I've seen improvement on all levels. My skin is smooth and hydrated, my joints feel good, and my eczema has disappeared! I love the gentle fragrance. I highly recommend these wonderful creams and salves! 


We absolutely love the Olani Naturals manuka honey salve. My 4 year old daughter calls it Jodi’s magic cream and loves to put it on “boo-boos” before bedtime and watch them disappear by morning. She is usually very picky and is reluctant to put on any medicine, so for our family this has been a god send!